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web development

We will develop an eye-catching website for you that will bring profit to your business.


Why is it worth working with us?

You will get a functional, responsive, cross-browser, user-friendly website with interactive elements.

What solutions do we offer?

We offer both complex solutions (websites from scratch) and partial works.

How do we work?

Our tech stack:

HTML CSS Javascript Typescript React Node.js Express.js Bootstrap jQuery Ajax UI/UX Figma Flutter Django AWS Google Cloud firebase Stripe REST API SQL Non-Rel. DB Python C/C++ PHP

Solar energy company website

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Choose what you need

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  • 1. Fully functional online shop complete with a unique design.
  • 2. User-Friendly Shopping Experience.
  • 3. Animated interactive elements.
  • 4. Fully responsive design.
  • 5. Powerful E-Commerce Features: secure payment gateways, inventory management, order tracking, and customer support systems.
  • 6. Content fulfilment.
  • 7. 100% SEO Optimization.
  • 8. Dedicated Support: our commitment doesn't end once your website goes live.
Let's turn your e-commerce dreams into reality! 🚀 Contact us to get a quote!


  • 1.Website/web-app development, maintenance, fixes, and improvements - 30€ / h (8h minimum).
  • 2.Custom website development (implementation of a custom website according to a corresponding design project) - contact us to estimate the time required for the project.
  • 3.Bootstrap one-page website bundle: implementation of a one-page website based on Bootstrap template according to a corresponding design project - 400€.
Contact us for a full price list with service descriptions and work efforts estimation.


  • 1.AI driven design (creation and adjustment of a design proposed by AI, elements customisation according to customer needs) - 350€.
  • 2.Website structuring based on Bootstrap templates (website overview (website structure) creation based on Bootstrap templates, style customisation is limited by options provided by a library) - 250€.
  • 3.Figma project (transition of samples/drawings/design to Figma project) - 250€.
Contact us for a full price list with service descriptions and work efforts estimation.